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GERMANY - West - Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings

368 ** 1951-56 Selection incl 1951 Philatelic Exhibition (2), Röntgen, Humanitarian Relief (4), 1952 Lutheran Assembly, National Museum, Schurz, 1953 Science Museum, Liebig, 1954 Ehrlig, 1955 Cosmic Research (2). All MUH. Mi #141-236 range, Cat €500. (21) 200.00 This lot is no longer available

IRAQ - Postal History

1434  1916 privately? carried cover to famous Swedish geologist and German sympathiser Dr Sven von Hedin c/- General-Fieldmarschall van der Goltz, in Baghdad. Embossed seal on flap of 'OBER-HOFMARSCHALL-AMT SR. MAJESTÄT D.KAISERS U.KÖNIGS' (Head executive? of the court of the Kaiser). 240.00 This lot is no longer available
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