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1618  1854 10d Brown Embossed SG #57, pair, no noticable die so probably Die 1, shaved top and touching at left (plus 1d imperf) tied three firm strikes London Inland Section BN Diamond '16' to Bank of England Power of Attorney Application printed letter, to Irmelinda M de Almeida, Baroness of Regaleira, Lisbon. Backstamps receiving MC in black 'L.S/23/JU23/1854' (Lombard Street) and unclear blue oval arr (also handstamp '210' in blue on front). Storage-related aging, colourful 1/9d combination franking, scarce to rare, cat £4,500+.
Lot 1487:1854 10d Brown Embossed SG #57
900.00 This lot is no longer available
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