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British Post Offices

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NEW ZEALAND - British Post Offices

1609  1847 (Nov 3) entire letter, written at Nelson, to England endorsed "via Sydney" with largely fine strike of 'PAID/AT/WELLINGTON NEW ZEALAND' crowned-circle handstamp in red SG #CC8 (Cat £350 on cover) and very fine 'WELLINGTON/NOV3/1847/A/NEW ZEALAND' backstamp in black, rated "4" in red & "1/-" in black, London transit backstamp and fine Burnley double-arc arrival backstamp in blue. [Letter was probably sent privately from Nelson to Wellington to either avoid the 4d internal mail fee or to catch an earlier ship departure from Wellington. At some point the letter has been tidied up by removing excess "white paper", making the entire thinner and easier to display.] 500.00 This lot is no longer available
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