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1324   1918-23 SCADTA mixed mint and used accumulation, SG #22,24,38-41,44,46,R50-1, optd [1] A (Germany) used group 15c x2, 20c, 30c x9, 60c x6, 1p and R on 20c x4 plus registered cover from Berlin to Bogota with R on 20c on face (other stamps removed); [2] E (Spain) mint & used group of 24 incl large & small R on 20c, used 1918 30c & 60c x2, [3] F (France) mint R on 20c plate block of 4 (only 1,150 produced); [4] unoptd used 30c & 60c with control dots. (53+1 cvr) 525.00 This lot is no longer available
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