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GERMANY - Berlin (West)

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GERMANY - Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings

440 Δ Berlin (West) 1949 Berlin Relief Fund 30pf+5pf blue tied to piece by Charlottenburg commem cds. Main Xref, . 50.00 This lot is no longer available
442 U/Δ Berlin (West) 1949-54 Collection incl 1949 Buildings 1pf & 4pf with labels on piece with 20pf, 1950 Orchestra (2), 1951 Lortzing on piece with red Karlsruhe commem cds, 1952 Olympics (3, tied to piece by strikes of Frankfurt Fair cds), 1953 Church Reconstruction Fund (4, tied to piece by Frankfurt cds), etc. Cat approx €500+.Generally fine. (13 items). 130.00 This lot is no longer available
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