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GERMANY - Occupied Serbia

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GERMANY - Occupied Serbia

2588796  1942 Anti-Masonic Exhibition: set of 4 anti almost everything Mi #58-61 (SG #G54-57) tied to gold-imprinted serially numbered FDC by gold cds '1.1.1942/BEOGRAD'. [Comes with reference material.] 70.00

GERMANY - Occupied Serbia - Postal History

2588793  1941 (Jul 9) use of Jugoslavia 1d Postal Card from Panchevo to a Lieutenant POW at Oflag VI/B pmkd German Feldpost cds July 12 alongside violet Feldpost Office handstamp (No. 08633) and rectangle camp censor arr handstamp. Rare Feldpost system use for POW mail with Dr Hans Zydek 1989 certificate (whose handstamp also appears on the message side of the card). 130.00
2588800  1941 (Oct 18) registered censored envelope Belgrade-Leipzig with optd King Peter 4d and 5d Mi #7-8 (SG #G7-8), arr backstamp. 60.00
2588809  1941-42 Prisoners of War Mail two reply portions from prisoners at KRAGUJEVAC (in Serbia), one 1941 (Nov 27) to Stalag XVIII.C, the other 1942 (Apr 1) to Stalag XVIII.B. Each with bi-lingual cds and Red Cross cachet in red, each censored on arrival approx two weeks later. (2) 70.00
2588803  1941-43 Postal Documents [1] 1941 (May 14) Commercial Court form enforcing acceptance of previously refused summons with 1.50D on the back with 'PONISHTENO' (cancelled) perfin; [2] 1941 (Jun 7) missing parcel claim, 7D fee paid via King Peter stamps with bi-lingual 'BAVANISTE' cds x4, Postmaster report that the parcel never arrived, etc, etc; [3] 1942 (Jan 10) postal chaser form re missing money order, 7D fee paid via two optd King Peter stamps with Belgrade cds; [4] 1943 (Nov 16) bureaucratic nightmare Travel Permit request, 40D fee paid via 20D brown revenues perfed 'PONISHTENO' x2 cancelled by handstamp. Scarce group, original retail well over $500. (4) 120.00
2588804  1942 (Aug 31) c5 size advocate's registered envelope (central fold) locally used in PAN?EVO tied 6.50D optd King Peter values (correct local registration rate) alongside plain reg label tied violet censor and a one-line PAN?EVO handstamp. On the back the following day cds of PETROVGRAD (where censored) and PAN?EVO arrival. Very colourful. 70.00
2588807  1942 (Nov) flimsy envelope (central fold) registered within ALEKSINAC franked 9D by 1D scarlet and 2D purple Monasteries x4 cancelled indistinctly dated cds with censor reseal tape and registration label tied small violet censor handstamp. On the back bi-lingual cds of NI?I (where censored?) and ALEKSINAC arrival. Two expert handstamp, one indistinct monogram, one Ceremuga. 60.00
2588802  1943 (Dec 29) Use of Feldpost postcard by Serbian in Berlin to his wife in Belgrade with violet handstamp of the SS main office, red Feldpost handstamp alongside handstamp '225' censor and, finally, machine slogan postmark of 'BERLIN-CHARLOTTENBURG 2/2.1.44/ac', the slogan publicising 10 years of the Winter Charity Drive. 90.00
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