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5028486 ✉**AAustralia: colour PPC of Type 1.4 CFA Prototype vehicle. 4.00

AUSTRALIA Other Pre-Decimals

5008243 *A B11953 Produce Food 3d green se-tenant strip of 3, BW #289c. 4.00

AUSTRALIA - Commemorative Covers

1031954 ✉FA1970 Veteran Car Club International Rally 2 strikes of 16APR1970 Melbourne cancels on 1c & 4c on addressed plain cover. 4.00
5004387 ✉FA1985 Formula 1 Grand Prix 33c electronic mail on AP Formula 1 souvenir covers x2 overprinted for Stampex 86, 1 cancelled with 'AUSTRALIAN FORMULA 1/GRAND PRIX/[roo & flag]/ADELAIDE SA 5000/3 NOV 1985' (A1) & the other with 'AUSTRALIAN FORMULA 1/GRAND PRIX/PRACTICE/DAY/[car]/ADELAIDE STH. AUST. 5000/31OCT. 1985' (A1). 4.00
9000253 ✉FA1+'AUSTRALIAN FORMULA 1/GRAND PRIX/[car]/ADELAIDE S AUST 5000/24OCT86 . MONDIAL' on 36c on commercial piece. 2.00
5016258 ✉VA1988 Grand Prix set of 4 different APO Souvenir covers franked with 55c Aboriginal Art and cancelled with double-circle 'ADELAIDE SA 5000/AUSTRALIAN/GRAND PRIX/FORMULA ONE/10NOV1988' through to 13NOV1988. 4.00

AUSTRALIA - First Flight Covers

3113873  1947 Food For Britain Flight (May 26) endorsed 'Australia...England/per Hanton Halifax Freighter./"Port of Sydney. G.AIWT."/Food for Britain Flight', signed by the crew of 6 at left, including Dr Graham Humby of London Aero Motor Services who was planning to run an air freight service out of Sydney, mild vertical fold, fine condition overall. 120.00


9000527 ΔA1+Wolseley: '/1145A 30MR35/S.A' on ANZAC 2d. Opened 1/9/1883; closed 22/1/1993. 4.00

VICTORIA Datestamps

6124485 A A1-Bacchus Marsh: WWW #620B 'BACCHUS MARSH/PAID/5-P-2JL81/VIC-AUST-3340' in red on window-faced Carey Motors, Bacchus Marsh cover with Holden logo.
Renamed from Ballan PO 1/7/1850.
6109559 A B1Yarram: WWW #330B, 'YARRAM/PAID/145P28AU80/VIC-AUST-3971' in red on Ford, Wight's Motors, Yarram cover.
Renamed from Yarram Yarram PO c.1925.
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