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1486 ✉/*/U 1924-64 mixed mint & used 15 page mounted display, blocks of 4 are plentiful, also several air covers are included. Includes KGV to 20/- x3 (fiscally used), KGVI to 10/- used with ½d block of 4 Waterlow proof with small punch holes (cost vendor $350+), 1½d yellow-brown Tick bird used (Cat £70), ½d Rhodes plate block of 4 with Re-entry [R10/6]. Nicely presented with plenty of room for expansion. (35+ items) 500.00 This lot is no longer available
1487  1963 QEII Arms 4d green, variety Value omitted SG #79a, used on 1964 (Aug 21) cover Choma to Durban, SG #79a as a used stamp. Extremely rare on cover. 750.00 This lot is no longer available
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