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5016703 FA A11951-56 4th Anniversary of Independence 3½a blue, Type II, SG #57a. 4.00

PAKISTAN - Postal Stationery - Envelopes

701636 ✉FB1998 Eagle 15r to GB, flap removed, 'MODEL COLONY' cds, a few light creases. 4.00

PAKISTAN - Postal Stationery - Registration Envelopes

2617682 PS 1949 India Ovptd 'PAKISTAN' 4½a blue KGVI (189x112mm), HG #C2. Rare interim period stationery. 120.00

PAKISTAN - Postal History

2617422  1948 (Apr 9) use of 1a KGVI pair with Peshawar 'PAKISTAN' ovpt, on cover from Kupchery to Jamrud. 150.00
5011819 ✉FA-1957 use of 1½a green envelope, uprated with 2a red & 6p purple x2, cancelled with poor double-circle of JAN57, on plain cover to London, o/o for display. 4.00
5011813 ✉FB1957 use of 2a blue airmail envelope uprated with 1r green, cancelled with double-circle 'KHAIRPUR/7JAN57/1330P.M./+' (B2), to London, o/o for display, BRC of stamp torn & affixed in place, couple of small surface stains. 4.00
5011816 ✉FA-1957 use of 12a green airmail envelope, uprated with 1a carmine-pink pair, cancelled with double-circle 'LAHORE/15JAN57/430 M/?' (B1), to London, o/o for display, with rough left edge. 4.00
5011815 ✉FA-1957 use of 14a green, cancelled with poor double-circle of 3FEB[57], on cover by air to London, o/o for display. 4.00
5011822 ✉FB1957 use of 12a orange & pink gas & 2a red, cancelled with double-circle 'NEW TOWN KARACHI/SOR/6FEB57/430PM/[?]' (B2), on airmail cover to London, closed tear at TLC. 4.00
5011809 ✉FA-1957 use of 3a blue airmail envelope, uprated with 8a brown & 1a carmine-pink, cancelled with double-circle 'RAWALPINDI ARSENAL/11FEB57/2.30PM/' (C1), to London, also bearing poor '???.S.AIR.SET-?/T' (C2). 4.00
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