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101   Australia Limited Edition Sets (Face $170) incl 'Limited Edition 1st Issue', 1994 Commonwealth Games (2), Rally Australia (2), Albury High School (5), 1996 Atlanta Olympics, 2000 Sydney Olympic Mascots, Disney Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck, Felix the Cat, also range of phone cards (Face $250) for use on the Spirit of Tasmania (6), few for mobiles, few New Zealand. Total Face value $420. (16 Packs & 25 cards.) 100.00 This lot is no longer available
102   Australia Limited Edition Sets inc States publicity ACT, NSW, NT, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA, 1994 Life Saving, Landscapes (2), Endangered Species (2), 1995 Christmas (2), 1996 (2), 1996 Lucky Country, also Marine Series, Steam Legends, Tamworth, Fishing in Australia Classic Fighters, Aus Card '96, plus 1996 Phone Card Exhibition, Singapore. Face value $650+. (25 Folders) 200.00 This lot is no longer available
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