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AUSTRALIA KGV - Single Watermark

3129090  1d Red Smooth Paper Die II Perf 'OS' BW #71(1)ib vertical strip of 3 plus single on 1915 (Jul 2) Perth Land Titles Dept registered cover to Fremantle, 'UNKNOWN BY...', 'UNCLAIMED' & 'DLO' handstamps, Fremantle backstamps. Extremely rare Die II multiple franking on cover, Cat $1,150+ 1,450.00
2604425 B1d Violet Perf 'OS' rare solo franking for Postcard rate, unfortunately spikehole in stamp, tied by Melbourne slogan to 1924 (4 Aug) Official card to Maryborough. 44.00
2604503 ✉FB4d Ultramarine Perf 'OS' unusual over-inked impression, tied by Registered Melbourne cds to 1924 (14 Aug) O.H.M.S. pressed cardboard cylinder, which contained Military documents, unfortunately stamp faulty, also 1917 registered cover (unclaimed) bearing 4d orange with fault prior to use. (2) 48.00
2604502 A-4d Pale Milky Blue Perf 'OS' and ½d green perf 'OS' tied by Registered Elizabeth St cds to 1923 (24 Aug) Official registered cover (265x95mm) to Mortlake. The 'milky' shade is rare as an Official on cover. 160.00

AUSTRALIA KGV - No Watermark

2604442 A-1d Dull Green and Single wmk 4d olive, both perf 'OS', tied by Registered Elizabeth St cds to 1925 (10 Jun) Official cover (265x110mm) to Mortlake, two Melbourne backstampings. The 1d Official rare on cover. [5d: 1d Printed matter rate x2 + 3d registration.] 90.00

AUSTRALIA KGV - Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13½x12½

2604467 A/A-1½d Red-Brown Perfins comprising perf 'OS' [1] solo on Official postcard; [2] uprated with ½d orange (unusually not punctured) for Letter rate, unclaimed at Clifton Hill; plus [3] perf 'G/NSW' solo on The Mitchell Library postcard. Scarce trio. (3) 105.00

AUSTRALIA KGV - CofA Watermark

2590010  1/4d Greenish Blue and 6d Typo Kooka tied to 1938 air mail cover to Switzerland by Geelong cds 1 JY 38, nice cover showing the 1/10d rate for the Australia via France to Switzerland route. 180.00

AUSTRALIA Other Pre-Decimals

3126853  1935 Silver Jubilee set BW #166-68 on 1935 (Dec 4) airmail cover from Brisbane to Lloyds Bank in Bristol, England. Cover with light vertical fold through 3d and the 2/- has a few trimmed perfs; 2/- alone Cat $400 on cover. 120.00
3120619  1953 Tasmania Sesquicentenary 3½d se-tenant pair plus 1d QEII tied by Warrawong South (NSW) datestamp to surface rate cover to Katanga, Belgian Congo, undelivered with Sydney DLO handstamps on front & on reverse, edge blemishes. Unusual usage.
combined lot 3120727
3111440  1957-60 QEII 7½d Violet BW #321 solo franking paying surface rate on 1958 (Jul 16) Salisbury North (SA) cover to USA. 55.00
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