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GERMAN STATES Prussia - Military & Censor Mail

1349  1864 (Oct 15) wrapper from Eckernförde to Rendsburg. Part of the occupation of Schleswig-Holstein. Fine double-circle 'K.Pr.FELDPOST/15/10/VII ARMEE CORPS' on face and double-circle 'K.PR.FELDPOST-RELAIS/11/10/I' on inside. 200.00 This lot is no longer available
1350  1870s stampless cover to Potsdam with 'KON.PR.FELD POST EXPEDITION/3/8/II RES/ARMEE CORPS' datestamp and very fine blue 'KON.PR4TBATALLION 1T GARDE-REGT.ZU FUSS' handstamp at lower left. 60.00 This lot is no longer available
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