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NEW ZEALAND - Postal History

1440  1862 (Sep 16) cover with Imperf 6d black-brown (SG #41?) pair (margins just touching to large, except where cut-into at the base of the second unit) tied by neat '14' cancels of 'PICTON' (poor backstamp), fine unframed 'P.D.' handstamp applied at WellIngton (?), French 'POSS ANG V SUEZ/13/JANV/63/MARSEILLES' mailboat sorter in red on the face, redirected on arrival & with four French backstamp. Carried per Madras, departed Sydney 22/11/1862; mail arrived Malta 10/1/1863 & Marseilles 13/1/1863. [From 5/4/1862, mail to France could be partly-paid, or fully paid, to destination. Duplicate sets of instructional handstamps including 'P.P.' & 'P.D.' were sent to Auckland and Wellington: see Ellott (2009) at page 53. The rate was the standard 6d + 4d per ¼oz so the cover was overpaid 2d for a ¼oz letter.] Ex Benvie. 1,000.00 This lot is no longer available
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