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Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings

1 ** Andorra (French) 1932-45 Selection to 1fr blue-green incl 20c bright magenta, 65c deep turquoise-green, etc. Several issues have coloured offsets on reverse. STC £250. (10) 100.00 This lot is no longer available

QUEENSLAND - Early Postal History

1001  1871 (May 20) Queensland Insurance Co 1d town-letter rate cover from Brisbane to Fortitude Valley with 1d Chalon tied by Brunswick Star 'Q.L' cancel (recorded use May 1867 to September 1875), Brisbane backstamp. Rare cancel on cover. 350.00 This lot is no longer available


1041 F 1856-58 Imperf Adelaide Printing 1d deep yellow-green horizontal pair, large margins all round, on piece, SG #6, light '62' DN of Coromandel Valley Cat £1,100+. Ex Hind. Lovely item. 1,000.00 This lot is no longer available
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