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VICTORIA - Postal Stationery - Franks

898 PS Chief Secretary: Centennial International Exhibition Envelopes [1] internal use at the Exhibition to the Austrian Court with magenta frank scored out, plain embossed 'VICTORIA' Belt & Buckle imprint on flap; [2] similar, but longer Envelope, with violet frank (2) 140.00 This lot is no longer available

VICTORIA - Postal History

908  1882 (Mar 21) usage of OHMS envelope with Exhibition embossing in blue on the flap & 'BRITISH COURT,/Melbourne International Exhibition' imprint at lower-left, to Venice "per Orient Steamer via Naples" with Melbourne duplex of '1T/MR21/82, 'BRINDISI' transit backstamp (not Naples), taxed "120" with Italian Postage Due 10c pair & 1L affixed & tied by 'VENEZIA/1/5 82' cds, small abrasion on face & repaired flap tear clear of the embossing. Ex Trevor Davis [The Exhibition closed 31 April 1881 but usage of of Exhibition stationery continued for at least some months. Stieg & Watson at page 23 state that postage was not required on overseas mail except to countries that were members of the General Postal Union (later the Universal Postal Union). Italy was an original signatory to the GPU, hence the Italian PDues.] 500.00 This lot is no longer available
909  1888 Envelope with 'Centennial International Exhibition, Melbourne, 1888/...' imprint at lower-left & Exhibition embossing in gold on the flap, to Representative for US America/MCIE/Carlton Gardens/Fitzroy with 'CHIEF SECRETARY' frank in red & Melbourne duplex of JE26/88, 'FITZROY' backstamp. [The Exhibition post office would not be opened until 16.7.1888.] 160.00 This lot is no longer available
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