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 Details forAustralia Post Offices Victoria - largely complete 
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PO Name Opening and Closing Dates Status Datestamp Detail Links to Items
111 Bourke Street&nocookie=49594533202091711105 Replaced National Philatelic Centre PO c.-/12/2009. Datestamps Buy Now
11th L.A.A. Conference&&nocookie=49594533202091711105 PO c.-/8/1961; closed c.-/8/1961. Datestamps
12th Asia-Pacific Scout Conference&&&nocookie=49594533202091711105 ** See Russell Street. ??
12th International Congress Of Scientific Management&&&&nocookie=49594533202091711105 PO 29/2/1960; closed 4/3/1960. Datestamps
13th Street, Mildura&&&&&nocookie=49594533202091711105 PO 1/5/1944; LPO 30/6/1994. Datestamps
159 Bourke Street&&&&&&nocookie=49594533202091711105 See Melbourne Bourke Street.
236 Bourke Street&&&&&&&nocookie=49594533202091711105 Replaced Russell Street PO c.-/11/1992; replaced by Little Bourke Street PO 8/8/1994. Datestamps Buy Now
39th Congress ANZAAS&&&&&&&&nocookie=49594533202091711105 PO 16/1/1967; closed c.-/1/1967. Datestamps
3rd Asian Oceanic Postal Union Congress&&&&&&&&&nocookie=49594533202091711105 PO 17/11/1975; closed 18/11/1975. Datestamps Buy Now
45 Collins Street&&&&&&&&&&nocookie=49594533202091711105 See Collins Street East. Buy Now

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