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Post Office References

 Post Office Reference Database
Country State and level of completeness
Australia Post Offices All states
Australia Post Offices Australian Capital Territory
Australia Post Offices New South Wales
Australia Post Offices Northern Territory
Australia Post Offices Queensland
Australia Post Offices South Australia
Australia Post Offices Tasmania
Australia Post Offices Victoria - largely complete
Australia Post Offices Western Australia - reasonably complete
Australia Numeral Cancels New South Wales
Australia Numeral Cancels Queensland
Australia Numeral Cancels South Australia - Diamond Numerals
Australia Numeral Cancels Tasmania - Numerals
Australia Numeral Cancels Victoria - Barred Numerals
Australia Numeral Cancels Western Australia - Numerals
Cyprus Post Offices largely complete until 1960
Fiji Post Offices reasonably complete until 1970
Gilbert & Elllice Islands Post Offices reasonably complete
Gold Coast Post Offices largely complete until 1957
Hong Kong Post Offices reasonably complete
Malta Post Offices largely complete until 1964
PNG Post Offices Papua - largely complete
PNG Post Offices Papua and New Guinea - largely complete
Rhodesia & Nyasaland Northern Rhodesia Post Offices
Samoa Post Offices Western Samoa - reasonably complete
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